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Once a complaint is made alleging workplace discrimination, sexual harassment , any other type of unlawful behavior in the workplace, for having made an OHSA complaint or having filed or pursuing a valid worker's compensation claim any subsequent action that impacts the employee having made the allegation must be subjected to careful consideration and scrutiny. For example if an employee is disciplined, fired or demoted he or she may have a valid claim for retaliation. If an employee is subsequently transferred, demoted, terminated or notified that they will receive lower pay or lesser job duties, this may be construed as retaliation. If an employee in the State of Florida believes that their employer's actions constitute an act of workplace retaliation they should be aware that there is legal help available. Retaliation comes in many ways and forms and the retaliation may be very subtle and hard to describe or prove that is why you need a professional at your side.

For more information about the options available in dealing with workplace retaliation, contact the Miami Law Office of Pelayo Duran to arrange a free legal consultation. Our experienced Miami workplace retaliation attorneys provide aggressive representation to individuals and businesses involved in a wide range of employment law situations, including workplace retaliation.

Miami employment discrimination lawyerHave you been treated unlawfully by an employer?

If you believe that your transfer, termination, demotion, change of job duties, change in pay or exposure to hostile treatment from a superior is occurring in response to a complaint that you have made, or an unlawful action that you have opposed you should contact the Law Office of Pelayo Duran at once. The law prohibits retaliation against you for engaging in a protected activity. Protected activities include the reporting of discrimination or harassment, requesting accommodation for a disability or whistle blowing. Our trial attorneys are experienced in handling a variety of cases involving retaliation or retaliatory discharge, constructive discharge or wrongful termination.

If you have questions or concerns about a workplace retaliation case or other employment law matter, contact the Law Office of Pelayo Duran and arrange a free consultation with a Miami employment lawyer.


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