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When you go to work each day, you trust your employer to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Unfortunately your trust can be breached if a negligent employer commits OHSA violations or provides an inherently unsafe workplace as a result of negligence, ignorance, or improper training.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) was established to protect worker safety and enforce health and safety regulations. OHSA regulates the workplace quite heavily, concentrating on health hazards such as the handling of toxic substances, toxic waste disposal, machinery use and more. Although the rules put in place by OHSA are strict, there are employers whose enforcement methods are lax. Too many employers fail to protect workers from harm and require them to work in unsafe conditions. Whether this is due to ignorance, laziness, or penny pinching, the result is the same – a Florida workplace that is rife with OHSA violations. For workers, whose very lives depend on these regulations, the consequences are severe – in a split second, an occupational injury caused by an unsafe workplace can strip a worker of their job, health, financial security, or perhaps their life.


If you know of an OHSA violation in your workplace, you should report it to your supervisor immediately. The law prevents your employer from harassing, demoting, or firing you because you have made an OHSA complaint. If you are concerned that your complaint has not been addressed, or have been treated badly for making a complaint, you should contact the Law Office of Pelayo Duran as early as possible.

Miami employment discrimination lawyerHave you been injured as a result of an unsafe work environment?

If you have been injured due to an unsafe workplace, you must retain the services of a skilled Florida workers compensation attorney who understands personal injury law as well as the intricacies of workers comp law. The workers compensation system is quite different from a normal civil court, and you will need the help of an experienced attorney to represent your claim and gain compensation for your injuries.

An employer should not be allowed to endanger you or others. The Law Office of Pelayo Duran understands the difficulties you face when working in an unsafe environment. Our trial attorneys have been involved in both personal injury and unsafe workplace litigation in Florida for many years. We have a long track record of successful verdicts and settlements throughout that time. Our experienced staff know what is required to bring a successful unsafe workplace claim in the State of Florida. You can be confident that we will handle every aspect of your claim with a careful eye for detail and exceptional customer service.


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