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We can handle defense of Traffic Tickets issued in any of the following counties: Miami-Dade; Orange; Broward; Belle Glades; Palm Beach; Monroe; Martin; Alachua; Port St Lucie; Lakes; Osceolla; Glades; Collier; Okechobee; Indian River; Lee; Flagler; Henry; St Johns; and Bolusia.

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Traffic CodeDescription
Pay Now316.062Duty to give information and render aid.
Pay Now316.063Section 2: Duty upon damaging unattended vehicle or other property.
Pay Now316.064When driver unable to report.
Pay Now316.065Section 1: Crashes; reports; penalties.
Pay Now316.066Section 3C: Written reports of crashes.
Pay Now316.066Section 6A: Written reports of crashes.
Pay Now316.071Disabled vehicles obstructing traffic.
Pay Now316.078Section 2A: Detour signs to be respected.
Pay Now316.156Signals by hand and arm or signal lamps. (Non-Moving Violation)
Pay Now316.1937Ignition interlock devices, requiring; unlawful acts.
Pay Now316.1945Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in specified places.
Pay Now316.195Additional parking regulations.
Pay Now316.1951Parking for certain purposes prohibited; sale of motor vehicles; prohibited acts.
Pay Now316.1955Part B: Enforcement of parking requirements for persons who have disabilities.
Pay Now316.1965Parking near rural mailbox during certain hours; penalties.
Pay Now316.1974Funeral procession right-of-way and liability.
Pay Now316.1975Unattended motor vehicle.
Pay Now316.2004Obstruction to driver's view or driving mechanism.
Pay Now316.2005Opening and closing vehicle doors.
Pay Now316.2014Riding in house trailers.
Pay Now316.2015Unlawful for person to ride on exterior of vehicle. (Non-Moving Violation)
Pay NowParking to close to fire apparatus prohibited.
Pay Now316.2034Crossing fire hose.
Pay Now316.2035Injurious substances prohibited; dragging vehicle or load; obstructing, digging, etc. (Non-Moving Violation)
Pay Now316.2044Removal of injurious substances.
Pay Now316.2055Motor vehicles, throwing advertising materials in. (Non-Moving Violation)
Pay Now316.2065Bicycle regulations. (Non-Moving Violation)
Pay Now316.2068Electric personal assistive mobility devices; regulations.
Pay Now316.2074All-terrain vehicles.
Pay Now316.2095Footrests, handholds, and handlebars.
Pay Now316.211Equipment for motorcycle and moped riders.
Pay Now316.215Scope and effect of regulations.
Pay Now316.220Headlamps on motor vehicles.
Pay Now316.221Taillamps.
Pay Now316.222Stop lamps and turn signals.
Pay Now316.2225Additional equipment required on certain vehicles.
Pay Now316.224Color of clearance lamps, identification lamps, side marker lamps, backup lamps, reflectors, and deceleration lights.
Pay Now316.225Mounting of reflectors, clearance lamps and side marker lamps.
Pay Now316.226Visibility requirements for reflectors, clearance lamps, identification lamps and marker lamps.
Pay Now316.228Lamps or flags on projecting load.
Pay Now316.229Lamps on parked vehicles.
Pay Now316.2295Lamps, reflectors and emblems on farm tractors, farm equipment and implements of husbandry.
Pay Now316.231Lamps on other vehicles and equipment.
Pay Now316.233Spot lamps and auxiliary lamps.
Pay Now316.234Signal lamps and signal devices.
Pay Now316.235Visibility requirements for reflectors, clearance lamps, identification lamps and marker lamps.
Pay Now316.237Multiple-beam road-lighting equipment.
Pay Now316.239Single-beam road-lighting equipment.
Pay Now316.2395Motor vehicles; minimum headlamp requirement.
Pay Now316.2396Number of driving lamps required or permitted.
Pay Now316.2397Certain lights prohibited; exceptions.
Pay Now316.2398Visibility requirements for reflectors, clearance lamps, identification lamps and marker lamps.
Pay Now316.2399Special warning lights for buses or taxicabs.
Pay Now316.240Standards for lights on highway maintenance and service equipment.
Pay Now316.241Selling or using lamps or equipment.
Pay Now316.252Splash and spray suppressant devices.
Pay Now316.253Vehicles used to sell ice cream and other confections; display of warnings required.
Pay Now316.261Brake equipment required.
Pay Now316.262Performance ability of motor vehicle brakes.
Pay Now316.263Maintenance of brakes.
Pay Now316.267Brakes on electric-powered vehicles.
Pay Now316.271Horns and warning devices.
Pay Now316.272Exhaust systems, prevention of noise.
Pay Now316.293Motor vehicle noise.
Pay Now316.294Mirrors.
Pay Now316.2952Windshields; requirements; restrictions.
Pay Now316.2953Side windows; restrictions on sunscreening material.
Pay Now316.2954Windows behind the driver; restrictions on sunscreening material.
Pay Now316.299Rough surfaced wheels prohibited.
Pay Now316.300Certain vehicles to carry flares or other devices.
Pay Now316.301Display of warning lights and devices when vehicle is stopped or disabled.
Pay Now316.303Television receivers.
Pay Now316.304Wearing of headsets.
Pay Now316.3045Operation of radios or other mechanical sound making devices or instruments in vehicles; exemptions.
Pay Now316.400Headlamps.
Pay Now316.410Taillamps.
Pay Now316.415Reflectors.
Pay Now316.420Stop lamps.
Pay Now316.425Lamps on parked motorcycles.
Pay Now316.430Multiple-beam road-lighting equipment.
Pay Now316.435Lighting equipment for motor-driven cycles.
Pay Now316.440Brake equipment required.
Pay Now316.445Performance ability of motorcycle brakes.
Pay Now316.450Brakes on motor-driven cycles.
Pay Now316.455Other equipment.
Pay Now316.46Equipment regulations for mopeds.
Pay Now316.510Projecting loads on passenger vehicles.
Pay Now316.525Requirements for vehicles hauling loads.
Pay Now316.600Health and sanitation hazards.
Pay Now316.605Licensing of vehicles.
Pay Now316.615School buses; physical requirements of drivers.
Pay Now316.622Farm labor vehicles. (Non-Moving Violation)

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