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We can handle defense of Traffic Tickets issued in any of the following counties: Miami-Dade; Orange; Broward; Belle Glades; Palm Beach; Monroe; Martin; Alachua; Port St Lucie; Lakes; Osceolla; Glades; Collier; Okechobee; Indian River; Lee; Flagler; Henry; St Johns; and Bolusia.


Locate the specific moving violation listed on your citation in the list below, click "Service Request" to access our simple quote request form. Complete the details of your citation and submit your request. We will contact you to advise you of our quotation for handling your moving-violation.

Traffic CodeDescription
Pay Now316.072Section 2: Obedience to and effect of traffic laws.
Pay Now316.074Obedience to and required traffic control devices.
Pay Now316.075Traffic control signal devices.
Pay Now316.076Flashing signals.
Pay Now316.0765Lane direction control signals.
Pay Now316.077Display of unauthorized signs, signals or markings.
Pay Now316.0775Section 2:Interference with official traffic control devices or railroad signs or signals.
Pay Now316.078Section 2B: Detour signs to be respected.
Pay Now316.079Duty to yield to highway construction workers.
Pay Now316.081Driving on right side of roadway; exceptions.
Pay Now316.0815Duty to yield to public transit vehicles.
Pay Now316.082Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions.
Pay Now316.0825Vehicle approaching an animal.
Pay Now316.083Overtaking and passing a vehicle.
Pay Now316.084When overtaking on the right is permitted.
Pay Now316.085Limitations on overtaking, passing, changing lanes and changing course.
Pay Now316.087Further limitations on driving to left of center of roadway.
Pay Now316.0875No-passing zones.
Pay Now316.088One-way roadways and rotary traffic islands.
Pay Now316.089Driving on roadways laned for traffic.
Pay Now316.0895Following too closely.
Pay Now316.090Driving on divided highways.
Pay Now316.091Limited access facilities; interstate highways; use restricted.
Pay Now316.1001Payment of toll on toll facilities required; penalties.
Pay Now316.121Vehicles approaching or entering intersections.
Pay Now316.122Vehicle turning left.
Pay Now316.123Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection.
Pay Now316.1235Vehicle approaching intersection in which traffic lights are inoperative.
Pay Now316.125Vehicle entering highway from private road or driveway or emerging from alley, driveway or building.
Pay Now316.126Operation of vehicles and actions of pedestrians on approach of authorized emergency vehicle. (Moving Violation)
Pay Now316.130Pedestrians; traffic regulations. (Moving Violation)
Pay Now316.1355Driving through safety zone prohibited.
Pay Now316.151Required position and method of turning at intersections.
Pay Now316.1515Limitations on turning around.
Pay Now316.152Turning on curve or crest of grade prohibited.
Pay Now316.154Starting parked vehicle.
Pay Now316.155When signal required.
Pay Now316.156Signals by hand and arm or signal lamps. (Moving Violation)
Pay Now316.157Method of giving hand and arm signals.
Pay Now316.1575Obedience to traffic control devices at railroad-highway grade crossings. (Moving Violation)
Pay Now316.1576Insufficient clearance at a railroad-highway grade crossing.
Pay Now316.159Certain vehicles to stop at all railroad grade crossings.
Pay Now316.170Moving heavy equipment at railroad grade crossings.
Pay Now316.183Unlawful speed.
Pay Now316.185Special hazards.
Pay Now316.1893Establishment of enhanced penalty zones; designation.
Pay Now316.1925Careless driving.
Pay Now316.1926Additional offenses.
Pay Now316.1936Possession of open containers of alcoholic beverages in vehicles prohibited; penalties.
Pay Now316.194Stopping, standing or parking outside of municipalities.
Pay Now316.1985Limitations on backing.
Pay Now316.1995Driving upon sidewalk or bicycle path.
Pay Now316.2015Unlawful for person to ride on exterior of vehicle. (Moving Violation)
Pay Now316.2024Coasting prohibited.
Pay Now316.2025Following fire apparatus prohibited.
Pay Now316.2035Injurious substances prohibited; dragging vehicle or load; obstructing, digging, etc. (Moving Violation)
Pay Now316.2051Certain vehicles prohibited on hard-surfaced roads.
Pay Now316.2055Motor vehicles, throwing advertising materials in. (Moving Violation)
Pay Now316.2061Stop when traffic obstructed.
Pay Now316.2065Bicycle regulations. (Moving Violation)
Pay Now316.208Motorcycles and mopeds.
Pay Now316.2085Riding on motorcycles or mopeds.
Pay Now316.209Operating motorcycles on roadways laned for traffic.
Pay Now316.2127Operation of utility vehicles on certain roadways by homeowners' associations.
Pay Now316.217When lighted lamps are required.
Pay Now316.238Use of multiple-beam road-lighting equipment.
Pay Now316.2385Requirements for use of lower beam.
Pay Now316.251Maximum bumper heights.
Pay Now316.405Motorcycle headlights to be turned on.
Pay Now316.530Towing requirements.
Pay Now316.614Safety belt usage.
Pay Now316.622Farm labor vehicles. (Moving Violation)

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