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Medical Malpractice

Legal Representation for Victims of a Medical Mistake

Miami Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been the victim of improper or negligent treatment while under the care of medical professionals, and that treatment has resulted in injury or death, you may have a valid claim for medical malpractice.

Even though medical professionals (doctors, nurses, hospital staff and allied health workers) usually provide excellent care to their patients, sometimes serious medical mistakes can occur. Many such mistakes do not result in harmful consequences, but unfortunately, too often medical mistakes do result in injury or death.

None of us wants to think about the prospect of losing a loved one, or facing an unexpected injury or illness, but the truth is that it happens every day. Unfortunately at times it occurs while in the hands of trusted medical professionals when mistakes are made either carelessly or accidentally, that lead to injury, permanent disability or even death. The disturbing fact is that serious medical mistakes are made every day. Such mistakes may vary from providing a patient with incorrect medicine type or wrong dosages, to operating on the wrong body part. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a serious medical mistake the results can affect your life for years to come.

If you are in this situation you may be wondering what you can do to cope with the ongoing effects of this event in your life. Depending upon the specifics of your case, you may be entitled to financial compensation, reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages, or other damages. If you choose to pursue a medical malpractice claim you will need to engage an experienced medical malpractice attorney backed by a solid team of skilled professionals.

Time is of the essence if you wish to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in the State of Florida

Florida medical malpractice statutes make it important that you contact us and speak with an experienced Miami medical malpractice attorney without delay. In the State of Florida the statute of limitations for medical malpractice is two years from when the patient (or sometimes a particular family member or guardian) either knew, or should have known with the exercise of reasonable diligence, that the injury had occurred and there is a reasonable possibility that the injury resulted from medical malpractice.

Florida also has a rule called the statute of repose. This statute says that unless there is fraud, concealment, or misrepresentation, under no circumstances may a healthcare provider be sued for medical malpractice more than four years after the actual incident of malpractice. So even if the patient or their family does not know about the malpractice, they may not bring the claim more than four years after the malpractice occurs under most circumstances. There are a number of other considerations to be made including: the application of the statute of repose in the case of a child victim; whether the case is going to involve a State agency or a military or Veterans Administration Hospital or Clinic as a defendant. In these cases there are special advance notice and time requirements that must be strictly followed.

In short, the Florida statute of limitations and statute of repose add considerable complexity to Florida medical malpractice lawsuits. You should contact us as early as possible for a free legal consultation to ensure that the medical malpractice statute of limitations does not render your claim invalid. There is no justice for medical malpractice victims when this occurs. It is one of the most common ways a physician avoids medical malpractice claims, but you can be assured that our board certified medical malpractice attorneys are committed to ensuring that the filing of your suit is not delayed.

Miami Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The Law Office of Pelayo Duran is highly experienced in the prosecution of medical malpractice and wrongful death cases in the Miami courts. You can be confident that you will receive the highest standard of legal representation for your medical malpractice claim. We also understand the demands that the aftermath of a serious medical mistake can place upon you and your family. You can be assured that our staff will do everything possible to make the pursuit of your claim as easy and manageable as possible.

How do I pursue a medical malpractice claim in Miami?

1. The first step in pursuing your claim for medical malpractice is to arrange a free legal consultation so that you can speak confidentially with one of our attorneys and tell them the facts of your case.

2. We will then obtain your medical records.

3. Once your medical records are in hand we will consult with our team of board certified trial lawyers and medically qualified experts.

4. Through this process, we conduct a thorough investigation of all aspects of your case to ensure that we have a complete understanding of the medical and technological issues related to your claim.

5. Once we have completed our investigation into your case, we will be fully prepared to answer any questions you may have, recommend the best course of action for you to follow and convey the facts of your case to the judges and jury members who will ultimately decide the outcome of your medical malpractice claim.

So, if you or someone you love has been injured or suffered permanent disability or death as a result of medical negligence, take the first step today. Contact the Law Office of Pelayo Duran to schedule a free medical malpractice consultation and let our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys assist you in evaluating your case.

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