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Florida kidnapping charge defense lawyer

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Kidnapping is the criminal act of physically abducting a person against their will and without legal authority. While some instances of kidnapping may be committed for financial gain or ransom, kidnapping charges may also arise if a person is abducted in order to :

  • "deprogram" an individual (in order to convince a person to relinquish their free will) in an attempt to get them to leave or join a cult or religious movement
  • escape another felony
  • physically harm the kidnapped individual (or someone related to them)
  • force another person to comply with their wishes
  • interfere with government and/or political agendas

In some in some cases, kidnapping charges may be brought in relation to child custody disputes and/or incidences of domestic violence.

If you or someone you care about faces kidnapping charges, it is important to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight aggressively to protect your legal rights. Contact The Law Office of Pelayo Duran for a free criminal legal consultation.

Understanding the consequences of a kidnapping conviction

While any person convicted of kidnapping will face a prison sentence, punishments for kidnapping will vary according to:

  • the length of time the kidnapped individual was held against their will
  • whether other crimes were committed along with the kidnapping
  • whether the kidnapping occurred over state lines, as kidnappings that move across state lines can bring on federal charges and heavier sentences

If you need reliable legal assistance when facing a criminal prosecution for kidnapping in the state of Florida, contact The Law Office of Pelayo Duran.

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