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Have you been charged with Animal Cruelty in the State of Florida?

If you are facing an animal cruelty charge in the State of Florida, you need to retain the services of an experienced animal cruelty defense attorney well qualified to handle your particular situation.


In Florida, animal cruelty charges may vary anywhere from a civil infraction up to a felony. If you are charged with cruelty or neglect to a group of animals, then the number of charges and the financial impact of fines can increase exponentially.


Some examples of situations where you may be charged with animal cruelty or neglect in the State of Florida include:

  • Situations where dogs, cats, horses, birds or other animals are found to be malnourished, poorly maintained, or physically abused
  • Dog-fighting
  • Cock-fighting

Animal Cruelty Defense in Florida

Successful defense of animal cruelty cases in Florida will generally involve a thorough investigation and the introduction of expert testimony from veterinarians and other animal owners as to the accepted community standard for the care of animals.


At the Miami Law Office of Pelayo Duran we take a proactive approach to your situation, looking beyond such basic defense strategies to help you avoid the hefty fines and other costs that may be associated with your animal cruelty charges.


The Florida animal cruelty lawyers at the Law Office of Pelayo Duran will actively pursue negotiations with the prosecution. This can result in many animal cruelty charges being dismissed prior to trial. If we are successful in getting your animal cruelty charges dismissed, we can also assist you in clearing arrest records through the expungement process. If your record has been formally expunged, you will not have to worry about declaring the animal cruelty charges on job applications or apartment leases in the future.


Suppression of illegally obtained evidence

Animal Care and Control (ACC) is the agency responsible for the initial investigation of any animal cruelty complaint in the State of Florida. ACC employees or representatives may employ a strategy of walking through yards or looking through fences in order to obtain evidence that police can use to obtain a search warrant. Such “searches” may border on violation of your Fourth Amendment rights. If the ACC has acted in a way that has breached the law, our Miami animal cruelty defense team will pursue the protection of your rights. If any evidence has been obtained through an illegal search of property, we will work aggressively to have that evidence suppressed and if possible, have the case dismissed.


If you or a loved one have been charged with animal cruelty or neglect in the State of Florida, contact the Miami Law Office of Pelayo Duran today to arrange your free legal consultation.

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